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As written yesterday the it seemed that the Hooks just do not work. This was right because I deactivated them. After reactivation the Button clicks and close windows works very nicely. But the Layout Hook still does not work. The routine for setting the min/max and layout is called. I added some debugoutput and noticed that the size of the window seemed to be negative. No wonder it won’t open it. But why its negative it should not be, the LCL window gets a valid size. In the end my very first idea was right… the structure is wrong which is used to get the Min/Max/Def sizes.. all Values there are set as ShortInt so -127…128 wich is rather unusual for Width/height of windows and really when look into AROS units this are Words so 0..65535 so no wonder MUI refuses to open the windows it just didn’t get the real size.
S I fixed the structure (locally) and voila its working. So I compiled some of my test programs from the fpc-tests repositiory to see where we are… because some are animated I made a little video out of it:

Link to the video
What we see:
Upper Line from the left:

  • Button/Memo: To Test click events, and Enabled/Disable of Button, completly works
  • Menu: Does not work at all, because at the moment it crash if I activate it again, maybe it cant stand emty menustrips, which would be bad because Menustrip only can be added on creation not later added.
  • Progressbar/Busy bar: Works
  • Timer: Works

Lower Line from the left

  • ComboBox: a little bit strange, the upper comboBox is there, even react on clicks but is not drawn.
  • Edits: the normal edits work as expected… just my SpinEdits (2 Button + Edit) are not shown at all
  • Scrollbars: again they are there but not visible.

from this things I slowly get an idea what happen and this would be REALLY bad! All combined items does not work! Maybe because I added an LayoutHook??? But this would mean you can never put a combined Element like the Scrollbar into a Group wich has an own Layouthook. I would call this a bug.

In the Video is also easy to see that the size calculations are not right… especially at the Button test, the Memo is alBottom, but draws alreay over the windowborders. I took me very long to make this right on AROS… seems at MorphOS its again different.

Besides this all programs crash on exit at the moment. I try to debug it but its really hard because you have to dissassemble the program then use the offsets from the crash log to find the position where it gave the problem. It seems that the problem appears that the LCL access some property short BEFORE the item gets destroyed but this crash already. The item is not destroyed because its still visible on the screen. No idea whats wrong there maybe with debugtexts will be better.

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