EdiSyn 0.42 „The Answer“

Posted by ALB42 on 8. April 2015No Comments

With 0.41 I introduced HTML Highlighter (on request on Amiga-news.de Forum). For this 0.42 Release I cared about the Alt-key which did not work. The reason was a simple bug, my keystate variable was not big enough to hold the Alt hold down code. Because of this enhancement all shortcuts visible in the Shortcut preferences should work now, inclusive Column selection (Alt + Mouse click drag -> column select)


Besides I wanted to bring the Amiga (Windows/Meta) key to work, but sadly that is not working on my hosted Setup, because Ubuntu catches this key for itself (same for Alt + Mouse click -> move Linux window). Thats the main reason to install a native Icaros, to touch and debug such things.



  • FIX: Shortcuts with Alt Key
  • ADD: Shortcuts with Amiga key
  • FIX: Wrong keybinding
  • FIX: Freeze on save prefs
  • FIX: Scrollbar issues
  • ADD: Number of Lines / Number of Bytes of the current text
  • ADD: Column Selecting

Download at EdiSyn Page


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