I want cookies… ehm colors

Posted by ALB42 on 30. März 2015One Comment

For the step of EdiSyn I will need a working color requester, the ASL does not supply one so I have to create one for myself. Not a big thing actually, just create a new local MUIApplication (I was not sure this is even possible to create two of them in the same process, but seems no problem until now) a Window with two buttons and the Palette object.
Again meet this strange MUI color needs 32 bit value for each color, but the requester only counts from 0..255. So its working nicely. The presets colors I cannot use currently, maybe later someone has fun to add another little panel with this colors and events to set them to the palette event. Currently its not that important I would say.


On the left side much space is wasted, it seems to be meant to change some pens at once, not only one as I need, but its working.

I also did a little bit research about the redraw problem if an ASL requester (or this one) is open, and hey the creators of MUI also thought to this problem, and there is a solution for it AROS MUIM_Application_CheckRefresh….. sadly its is not implemented in AROS, it does simply nothing.

One comment to "I want cookies… ehm colors"

  1. aha sagt:

    Since ncafferkey is working on Zune for some time now you should contact him or ask on aros-exec if it could be added soon. 🙂

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