EdiSyn 0.34

Posted by ALB42 on 29. MĂ€rz 2015No Comments

Search in all files is a very important feature for me, because I often search how the other widgetsets in LCL solved some problems. So my EdiSyn also should have this function. The implementation was rather straight forward but has some strange problems with the SynEditSearch, so I experienced many crashes, which is unusual for for development this days 😉 at least I hope so.
There are still some glitsches in the searchall function (most of all the Search histroy does not work, and I have no idea why, I see how the new list is transfered to the widget but then its empty :-O, so I deactivated it for now.) MAybe I have look into again later a little bit more in detail.

  • FIX: Warning for reopen file in same Tab removed
  • FIX: Errormessage if a file cannot be open
  • ADD: Search All requester (directory, open files)
  • ADD: Search All result window with highlighting

Download at EdiSyn Page

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