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Dealing with bitmaps and images, bring the TImage to work. The principle I got from my fpGUI implementation again, using cybergraphics.library (for Amiga, MorphOS and so on maybe need an other solution? maybe also P96 or some native, but for AROS its ok). As start the WritePixelArrayAlpha() the problem it does not scale the image, but it supports Alpha channel so transparent parts are possible. But for TImage.Stretch we also need a StretchDraw, there is a ScalePixelArray() to scale images on drawing, it also supports ARGB, but sadly it does not work in my AROS sandbox. In the ABIv0-oT it does work but sadly the background is black and not transparent. I found that ScalePixelArray() draws ARGB data as 0RGB so ignore the Alpha channel. So not really useful. So I implemented an own scaling routine, (of course only nearest neighbour, fastest way 😉 ).

LCL-MUI TImage with stretching

LCL-MUI TImage with stretching

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