Pretty clipped Fonts

Posted by ALB42 on 22. Oktober 2014No Comments

Introduced the Font, loading, size and so on. The system is exactly the same as for Pen and brush, so it was not so difficult and the basic AROS functions I learned already for the fpGUI implementation.
The second thing I started, as written before, is to improve the clipping. So the labels looks more like the program at Linux. The italic, Bold and underline option I can set for AROS fonts but the most fonts just ignore it, some Fonts have an italic mode (e.g. vera sans) but nothing more. Maybe I do something wrong?
As last I implemented the FillRect function, which was trivial again, like the Rectangle function.

Different Fonts, Sizes in LCL-MUI

Different Fonts, Sizes in LCL-MUI

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