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Working on the Drawing routines for LCL MUI/Zune, there is a Page describe a little bit more about how to implement a new Widgetset also how to make a TLabel. It is working more or less, the Label is painted alos repainted on resize window and so on. But it is on the wrong place. In the example the „clicked“ in the lower left window show be somwhat centered above the button. But the coordinates for the Textout always point to 0,0. I guessed it have something to do with the region defined. I tried to implement it but still it looks like this. Needs some more thinking.

Progressbar, Label, Timer in LCL MUI

Progressbar, Label, Timer in LCL MUI

Because not so much time and mood for the label things I switched to some easier tasks and implemented the TTimer and ProgressBar, both very easy things.
For the Wiki I tried out every single item in the list and wrote down which is working and which is crashing or error message. Then slowly I can remove all this crashes. the Form I used for this experiments is shown on the right side. Of course I removed all the crashing and Widgets with error messages from the view before. Still much to do. 🙂

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