ArTorr – Torrent client for AROS i386 written in Freepascal

Posted by ALB42 on 20. August 2014No Comments

Today I included the multiple trackers for my torrent client, this was again rather easy… I set the time to 30 minutes to reannounce at the tracker and get updated peer list.
With this all on the list to the first possible release is done. So I started today to prepare the release, included some more debugging features (especially debugoutput to file) If someone outthere has problems I can ask them to start with the „-l“ switch and a logfile is written. Ok mostly I think its enough if I get the torrentfile which does not work, to reproduce the error, but the logfile will be helpful as well.

I decided to call it ArTorr instead of ATorrent, 1st Atorrent is so long and boring 😉 2nd its already taken for an Android Torrent client. ArTorr hmm sounds like a „Talk like a pirate“ hommage.. ARRRRTor 😉
Its version 0.01 so very first alpha version.

How to use:

  • Download the file:
  • unpack at a position you like (its a Folder ArTorr with Icon inside)
  • Start ArTorr, press „Load File“, choose your Torrent file (do not get disturbed by the console open together with the Program, its just some debugout from the GUI, just close it)
  • wait and see how the download goes, if any 😉
  • the upper panel shows the pieces to recieve (‚+‘ is already there), middle panel shows the peers you are connected (choked means the other side do not want to send any data, mostly because it send already to other peers), the lower panel shows some debugoutput.
  • you can stop the program at any time, you SHOULD click stop before you close the program, (then it will send a quit to all tracker and so on)
  • if you got a problem, of course you also can directly close the program.
  • Files can be found in the „Output“ Directory
  • if you stop the program and the file is not finished, no problem, after a restart and loading of the torrent file the program will check the file and continue the download where it stopped.
  • Some things not implemented until now:

    • UDP:// Tracker (I have no knowledge about UDP, first need some docu about the torrent UDP)
    • Seeding (Will be the next task on my list)
    • GUI, its just a very simple GUI atm, more for debugging, still LCL, will be the point after seeding is done
    • Choose Output directory (because thats also GUI)
    • all advanced Bittorent extensions (not that important I would say, but maybe funny to learn some new technics) includes also magnet links, http downloads and so on.
    • more than one .torrent file at once (this I’m not sure I will include at all, in principle the program could also stay as a one torrent client, if you have two, start the program two time)

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