Freepascal Threading

Posted by ALB42 on 22. September 2013No Comments

A new Release of FPC for AROS is out today.
The only new thing is:

* Support for Threads (using TThread class)

Thanks to Mag, he supplied some example codes and the library wrapper unit in the FPC-AROS Wiki.
So my interrest was awaked and I need a little break from the boring basic library rewriting and documentary work.

Implemented id the TThread Class and the Critical sections functionality, „TEvents“ are still not supported as long I dont know exactly how they are working, it seems its not directly possible to do such thing in AROS, maybe must self write a mechanism for it.

AROS Threads (with thread.library) have no chance to suspend/kill from outside and so on.
The suspend I managed with a Mutex Condition, wich can be fired with a „resume“, but this makes it impossible to Suspend the Thread from outside. But this is not allowed at some other platforms as well, Resume and Suspend are even marked as deprecated in newer Delphi/Freepascal versions.
I known a nice replacement for Suspend is the TEvent feature which is still not available for aros… but I’m working on this until this the suspend inside the thread and resume from outside must do it.

An example for the us of threads with suspend resume and critical sections can be found in pp/fp/src/threadtest.pas inside the archive

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