AGraphics finished. Documentation pending

Posted by ALB42 on 8. September 2013No Comments

The AGraphics unit is finished. And all Circular type calls are solved… I’m a little Bit curious if it is possible in Intuition as well… I noticed there are much more of such problems.
Sadly, because of this change, the Structure and the corresponding Constants are now a little bit far form each other. But I think the right type is much more important, especially when nicely linked in the Docu (As I Did in AmigaOS and little bit in Exec) there is no need to look to the Source.

The FPDoc util can also create the CHM file we need as help for FP-IDE would be nice to add it as context sensitive help. Next Days I will start/continue with AGraphics Documentation. Stay tuned.

I got another idea for better convert C-structs to pascal
for example:

struct XXX
  Int abc;
#define cde abc

Such things you can find everywhere in AROS includes (because of compatibility with AOS4, MorphOS? MayBe)
There is a functionality that records can act like classes in Delphi compat mode, so this record would look like this in Pascal:

TXXX = record
  abc: Integer;
  property cde: Integer read abc write abc;

Needs to be tested but should work well. The property does not mark an other field so it does not extend the records size (SizeOf should stay the same) just an other Access function is added. This also work into other records for example, maybe even some unions could be replaced with this functionality:

TTextFont = record
  tf_Message: TMessage;
  // .... more fields
  property tf_extension: PMsgPort read tf_Message.mn_ReplyPort write tf_Message.mn_ReplyPort;

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