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Posted by ALB42 on 29. Dezember 2012One Comment

The last month I was working on a complete rewrite of the FPGUI native AROS interface.

I found out that AROS allows to make windows as a parent to a window (in contrast to AmigaOS) so now every item on the screen is created as a window. This makes it much easier to handle events especially paint with overlapping layers and so on. Its far from perfect but I think thats the better way.

Sadly I found again a drawback there exist functions to show/hide windows in Aros, but they DO NOT work, especially the HideWindow function. Seems its already known in Aros forum long time and still not changed, so I made a workaround and change the size to 0,0 when a item is Hidden, not a nice way but at I have no other idea.

I’m rather satisfied with the result as it is now, so i put it on to the links for download (together with the source of aros fpgui).

One comment to "FPGUI rewrite"

  1. Ron sagt:

    Hi Marcus,

    Thank you very much for the new version with rewritten fpgui.

    Sorry to hear the show/hide-window bug is still there and is haunting things :/

    There are still some minor details left, but that could very much also originate from the original source. I will see what i can come up with 😉

    It is much faster then the previous approach, especially the colorwheel example shows this.

    Graeme must (or should?) be impressed to see his project running on AROS 🙂

    Happy hollidays,

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