On your Marks

Posted by ALB42 on 22. Juli 2011One Comment

Before the Selection in a TMemo seems to be a big problem…. in fact it was not I just misunderstood  two function of this TextEditor class.. The main problem was not to get or set the selection.. but the style of LCL to set a Selection Start and a End.. MUI expect an x and y Value for start and end…. so the conversion was the main problem.. ok not a big problem just needed some thinking. and.. its done.. now you can set and set the selection inside the TMemo.. hmm seems the TMemo will be by far the feature-richest component

One comment to "On your Marks"

  1. HEA sagt:

    Thank you for the fix here, I have a proposal 😉 well sort of…

    What about onChange and perhaps onkeyPress or onKeyDown or onKeyUp
    I tested all of them and those are not yet implemented…

    The reason could be found here: http://aros-fpc.blogspot.com/p/requests.html

    But shortly: to keep track of editor changes – this could be solved with a TTimer for the moment that do the stuff explained in the link…

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