Colors make life happier

Posted by ALB42 on 14. Juli 2011No Comments

Yesterday I included repainting of Components on change size, width or parent (seems the parent still doesn’t work well).. still some crashes of MuiTextedit when creating and call to redraw… seems I must test if it is visible before, then the crashes disappear.

Panels now also usable as grouping component. hard to see where the panel is everything is gray:

deBlob catched me and now we have colors, so all Area descendants can have a color (or even change) (atm only the background color) the style is again (like always in MUI?) rather strange.. you supply a STRING with 32 bit color informations FOR every color so white looks like: FFFFFFFF,FFFFFFFF,FFFFFFFF but of course the information in lcl all only 8 bit per color: FF,FF,FF, easy solution just print four times the red, green and blue value.. seems that is ok… the color looks equal in linux lazarus and Aros program.

The Button 3 is inside of the Panel… but in MUI is drawn over the borders of the Panel (in Linux/Windows not!). but ok normaly nobody should do such things by intention.

Another problem with colors are the special Windows colors (like clBtnFace) which are not really colors but something like colortable entries (depends on the theme for which color it stands).. it can’t be translate to real color. Perhaps later this could be used to also set the special colors in MUI like MUII_ButtonBack and so on.

The bug that assigning a new Text to the TextEditor (instead of loading a text from file) is also removed… should be now as fast as loading from file (only one drawing after all contents is loaded into the object)

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