Captain Hook troubles me

Posted by ALB42 on 20. Juni 2011One Comment

I think i have an idea whats wrong with the windows opened later! nothing to do with the window itself.. and also this error messages seems have nothing to do with it.

the Hook which call the opening of the window seems not working well… even I can not explain whats the reason.. I wrote a little Mui only program (so without LCL) and i got the same result.. when i produce a new window inside the button click.. this Window will crash (little bit different behavior, other memory areas).

Then i tried not to use a THook for calling the button press but a application Result (as is used for Quit the program).. and IT WORKS, without any problems… ok this way is VERY bad to use in LCL because very hard to find who made the call (make a separate list?).

Ok as a first tryout I COULD try out tomorrow… hmm or try to find why the Hook makes such bad things… hmm perhaps a gdb debug would help.

One comment to "Captain Hook troubles me"

  1. HEA sagt:

    It could not be so simple that you hook a MUI object?

    This is a guess, but the MUI is, as I understand it, a wrapper around custom gadgets or? so when you hook the MUI part, your method calls some memory area that can’t be called (does not contain any methods)… [for example if MUI does not initialize and create buttons when created in hidden mode, but perhaps created at first use, thus this theoratically could create this behavior you describe].

    How about get the windowhandler (struct) and then traverse through the gadgets (buttons and controls) and manually set the hook method to those, could this be done? and does it seems to be sane?

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