Serve the menu please

Posted by ALB42 on 16. Mai 2011No Comments

Now its time to implement the Menus. The handling is a little bit strange… in MUI… hmm the difference between Menu.mui and Menuitem.mui seems to be only the Event and some more options for Item… but for the menu in prinbiple can always use MenuItem.mui. hmm should check more carefully tomorrow.

Finally i got it to work in a first very crude way… the events still not working, ok this should not be a big issue, after Menus are finished i should try Dialogs and make some cleanups then in principle could release a first alpha version with lcl support.

Like always a little screenshot of todays work 😉

top: Menueditor in lazarus ubuntu

LCL Menus under aros

bottom: Aros with compiled program and opened menu

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