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Posted by ALB42 on 9. Mai 2011One Comment

the ComboBox at MUI is rather strange it allows you to change the Names of Entries.. they are also updated on the fly when you open the combobox… but the Text directly on the (closed) Combobox is not updated :O there are still the old names…. (see Picture)

MUI ComboBox bug?

even when change the items… at this position ALWAYS the old names appear.. hmm where MUI keep them? seems they made a copy of it which i cant change? Weird!

But the rest was rather successful.. the events already working rather nicely… also included a nice Memo 🙂 hmm I should think about the use this to make a Text editor for myself (for Pascal coding) in AROS hmm SynEdit would be VERY nice.. i should check what decencies Synedit has.

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  1. HEA sagt:


    Well, I thought that I should report a smaller issue with the TComboBox…

    If you at design time populate a TComboBox and then when running this in AROS, selects an item, there seems like no event is fired, however the click-event is fired when you click that little cycle symbol to the left… This let you access the selection you have made, unfortunately this also cycle the selection to the next item…

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