Building Tallneck

Posted by ALB42 on 6. Juni 2022No Comments

I like to play video games, especially open world games, my daughter also loves to play video games, some video game we like both, like Horizon Zero Dawn or Forbidden West. For this fathers day my daughter gifted me a special present a Lego set from the Horizon world, a Tallneck.

Of course I played with Lego when I was little, but I never build any of these Lego sets (only used the custom default blocks). This weekend we started to build it and it is quite funny actually to do it together, especially because some parts must be created twice. Therefore once one search for the correct pieces the other one build them together, and for the second part (mostly mirrored part) one can switch the jobs. It has 1222 pieces and we needed around 4 hours to build it. To be honest, I expected a a longer time, but the manual is quite good really shows every single step very clearly.

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