… or maybe not

Posted by ALB42 on 27. Juni 2015No Comments

For sure 64-bit is the future but the current AROS 64bit is just crap. Most programs or even prefs just crash, networking is not working (same settings as in the i386 version), no sound (just stays quiet, even there is a soundcard detected), not possible to change the Workbench and Drawer background (the prefs program crash), even some of the demo apps does not work as expected or just crash. And so it goes on … if really someone wants to make a x64 AROS distribution, this will be a lot of work. I guess the most difficult part will be to convince the AROS-devs to fix this bugs, because this bugs are not new… the last nightly I tried was in April (and an other one in January) 2015 and all had the same problems, no improvement at all.

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