AROS Screenshot

Posted by ALB42 on 17. Januar 2013No Comments

AROS Desktop

With new Icons from my old OS3.9 Installation (my real A1200 in the cellar)

Not very easy to get the icons to AROS, the original Icons are just black, converter are rare and if existing only work with MagicWB colors, but this Icons have a much more colorful set.

Lucky OS3.9 can export both pictures via info dialog.

Cclick to picture -> menu save as, the current state is save as IFF file

Can be converted with nconvert to png and used as icon in AROS.

Screenshot of my old Amiga installation (still without Graphicscard, so it must be 1999, short before I bought my CyberVision 3D) its running nicely in UAE, but still slower as in real amiga, especially the rainbow background makes it very slow.Old Amiga Screenshot with Directory Opus 5

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