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Your friendly Editor

EdiSyn in an editor with Tabs and Syntax highlighting (at the moment for C/C++, HTML and Pascal) for AROS, written in FreePascal with Lazarus. Base on the SynEdit Component of LCL and the ATTabs Component.

  • Highlighter, C/C++, Hollywood, HTML, Pascal
  • Tabs
  • Recent files, Export Text as HTML (with Properties from Highlighter)
  • Jump to Line
  • Search, Replace, Search in Files, Search in Directory, Regex
  • Copy, Cut, Paste
  • Undo, Redo
  • Free configurable highlighter, key binding, user commands
  • Output parser for GCC and Freepascal (jump to positions or errors, warnings and hints)


Download current Version: EdiSyn 0.54


Complete EdiSyn Source available at GitHub





0.54 “Fixes”

  • FIX: Restored default highlighter colors
  • FIX: Hint marker for freepascal output
  • FIX: Faster redrawing
  • FIX: Message window buttons
  • ADD: Basic printing (text only to PRT:)
  • FIX: Menu in experimental Icaros


0.52 “Font”

  • ADD: Font Selection
  • FIX: Load HTML Colors
  • FIX: Export HTML


0.51 “Ital(y/ic)”

  • ADD: Highlight all search results
  • ADD: Highlighter with italic, bold and underline
  • ADD: ProgramOutput Menu: copy to clipboard
  • ADD: Click in PrefsWin SynEdit to select the highlighter attribute
  • ADD: Save File before start User program
  • FIX: Position save of output window


0.50 “Command”

  • ADD: Iconify Icon
  • ADD: User Program Startup
  • ADD: Catching Program output
  • ADD: Parsing program output -> Freepascal and GCC supported
  • ADD: ShortCuts for User programs


Youtube Video compile with freepascal
Youtube Video compile with gcc

0.42 “The Answer”

  • FIX: Shortcuts with Alt Key
  • ADD: Shortcuts with Amiga key
  • FIX: Wrong keybinding
  • FIX: Freeze on save prefs
  • FIX: Scrollbar issues
  • ADD: Number of Lines / Number of Bytes of the current text
  • ADD: Column Selecting


0.41 “HTML”

  • ADD: HTML Highlighter


0.40 “Happy Easter”

  • ADD: Preferences Dialog
  • ADD: Key binding Dialog with Key catcher
  • ADD: Highlighter Color selection Dialog
  • ADD: New tab on every open
  • ADD: Tab Navigation ShortCuts
  • FIX: Faster New Tab
  • FIX: Drawing improvement
  • FIX: Menu Items Memory leak
  • FIX: Canvas Memory leak
  • ADD: Easter Eggs


0.34 “Find all”

  • FIX: Warning for reopen file in same Tab removed
  • FIX: Errormessage if a file cannot be open
  • ADD: Search All requester (directory, open files)
  • ADD: Search All result window with highlighting


0.33 “About”

  • FIX: Beep also when searching backwards (Shift F3)
  • ADD: Warn if a file is already open in the editor, jump to this tab
  • ADD: Show full path in Window title.
  • FIX: crash for un/checking TRadiobox
  • ADD: About Box

0.32 “Search and Replace”

  • ADD: Call Search dialog with selection -> used as search text
  • ADD: Search Dialog improved
  • ADD: Search and replace history
  • ADD: Search Settings saved/restored
  • FIX: Not Call Application to redraw

0.31 “Bookmarks”

  • ADD: Bookmarks (Ctrl + Shift + 0..9 for set, Ctrl + 0..9 for jump to bookmark) in the picture Bookmark 5 is set.
  • ADD: Bookmark bar can be switched on/off
  • FIX: Crash when close a Tab via key removed (Focus issue)
  • FIX: Better/faster creation of new Editor pages
  • CHG: Show only every 5th line number, looks not so crowded
  • FIX: TabStop setting for Replace Dialog (use tab from search to Replace edit field)
  • CHG: Use MUI Requesters instead of EasyRequest -> looks nicer and the Window behind gets redraw events.

0.30 “Tabs”

  • ADD: Tabs
  • CHG: nicer Colors
  • ADD: better Statusbar (extendable)
  • FIX: many Bugfixes (focus, keys ….)

0.20 “Name”

  • ADD: Name, Icon, Readme
  • ADD: Search, Replace (not complete)
  • ADD: Close Question
  • ADD: Autoselect Highlighter by Extension
  • ADD: Show/Hide Line numbers
  • ADD Save Size and position
  • ADD: Recent Files list
  • FIX: too long scrollbar fixed
  • FIX: scrolling with selection changed

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