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Mapparium 0.4

Posted by ALB42 on 12. Juni 2016No Comments

New Version of Mapparium for all Amiga systems.
Most important changes are, AREXX Port (not available on AROS, due to Zune restriction), Find by IP, Check position, localized search and support for Garmin FIT data. Have fun for me it works already better than my other route inspector programs, I also use it on Linux as my default. I just notice when adding many routes it becomes a litte messy, because the start of every route is the same, maybe I need an option to hide routes from the view.


  • ADD: Clear HD Cache by Button in Prefs to a certain zoom level
  • ADD: Find current position (by ip)
  • ADD: Search position by ip (type: ip:x.x.x.x to search)
  • ADD: Get address for current position
  • ADD: Zoom in by double mouse click
  • ADD: AREXX port with commands “goto” and “addwaypoint”
  • ADD: Loading of Garmin FIT data
  • ADD: Other color for active track
  • FIX: Umlauts fix in search header
  • FIX: Search by Return press in search box

Download at Mapparium Page

Whats written there.

Posted by ALB42 on 5. Juni 2016No Comments

Strange problem appeared with Mapparium on AmigaOS4, all texts are invisible. The funny thing: on my UAE and the OS4 computer at Amiga meeting it was working, difficult to debug. But thanks to some guys at I was able to solve it. First I thought it was some Font issue but then I found an informations about color setting in AmigaOS4 and that the given color also contains an alpha value and this was of course always zero for my setting now. MorphOS/AROS/Amiga does not need there a value. And after a failed try (I missed one call) I got a positive feedback from


Besides this I fixed some little things and implemented Garmin tcx reading (also a xml format but seems only for tracks). Because of this I decided to make a new release for all platforms not only for AmigaOS4 and called it 0.3.


Mapparium 0.3

OpenStreetMap viewer for all Amiga systems.


  • FIX: Invisible texts on OS4
  • FIX: Go offline if internet is down
  • FIX: Start folder for load/save dialogs
  • FIX: Filter for dialogs
  • FIX: Version informations
  • ADD: Load tracks from Garmin TCX files
  • ADD: Set size of middle marker
  • ADD: Support for geo: URIs
  • ADD: DblClick to lower panel copies middle position to clipboard as geo: URI

Download at Mapparium Page

Mapparium 0.2 Release

Posted by ALB42 on 2. Juni 20162 Comments

New version of Mapparium released this time for all Amiga systems. (Also for m68k Amiga, take care it needs a GFX Cards and a FPU to work).

  • ADD: Show Height/Speed map of recorded tracks
  • ADD: Marked position in curve mark also on the map
  • ADD: Support for KML/KMZ Loading
  • FIX: Optimized image keeping

Check out the Mapparium page.

Virtual Lazarus v2

Posted by ALB42 on 16. Mai 2016No Comments

New Version for the Virtual Lazarus crosscompiler, some crashes with mouse events (OnClick, OnMove, OnEnter, OnLeave), Redrawing and resizing problems and of course the biggest change adding support AmigaOS4 (PowerPC). I removed some not needed files and installations, so the download is much smaller this time.
Changes in short:

  • FIX: Redraw problems on AmigaOS3
  • FIX: Size problems
  • FIX: Mouse event crashes
  • ADD: Support for AmigaOS4
  • CHG: Striped image from unneeded things, reduced download size


Download the new Virtual Lazarus crosscompile setup (1.2 Gb)


I am thinking how to make an online updater, in principle not so difficult with a script, svn update from repository, recompile/install all compilers/crosscompilers, update lazarus repository, recompile and install lazarus, done.

AmigaOS 4 Free Pascal Release

Posted by ALB42 on 8. Mai 2016One Comment

I created a Release for the Free Pascal Compiler including RTL, Packages and a pre-alpha version of the Lazarus component Library.
For me the AmigaOS 4 implementation is considered as “done”. I will take care only that changes in FPC does not break the OS4 port and also the LCL changes not break OS4 compilation.
Download the Release Version at the FPC AmigaOS 4 Page.

I also uploaded the current archive to where it should be soon available for public use.

Virtual Lazarus FAQ

Posted by ALB42 on 21. April 2016No Comments

Some questions to this virtual machine arrived so I started to write a FAQ for the Virtual Lazarus bundle I created. Also made a separate page for this product. There is not much of a response until now… lets hope for later.

Questions and Answers

Q: How to change the default keymap?

A: Open xterm and type “setxkbmap us”, replace the us (= american layout) by your favourite keyboard layout (de, us, fr, ….). To make it permanent for every boot, edit /home/test/.profile and add the setxkbmap call to end of the file.


Q: How did you transfer the compiled programs to the target computer?

A: I used the VMware shared folder on the host computer and used samba to access from MorphOS the program. Amiga/UAE and AROS can directly access the files on the harddisk but with dedicated computers of course samba would also work.


Q: The AROS compilation seems to be different from the previous AROS release?

A: Yes, the LCL diverted fro AROS on the one side and Amiga/MorphOS on the other side. this is the first try to join them, but its not on par currently. (For example Groupboxes does not work in this version also speedbuttons look weird and so on) So if you experience problems just compile your program at AROS again, or wait for bugfixes ๐Ÿ˜‰


Q: How to compile for Amiga/AROS/MorphOS?

A: You can set by hand in Project Options. But I suggest you use my prepared config file as shown in the video. Open “Menu – Project -Project Options” press import (button on the lower edge) choose the “/home/test/AllAmigaPlatforms.xml”. Now you have build settings for all four platforms.


Q: Synedit (or other package) is missing in the component icon list?

A: Make sure this package is already supported for Amiga style systems (SynEdit is ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and go to Package – Install/Uninstall Packages and choose to install. Lazarus have to compile again after installing/uninstalling an package.


Q: Are there examples/How to know which components are availabel for our systems?

A: Examples are available at GitHub. If you want to download directly to this virtual machine just open a xterm and type “git clone”. you will find a directory named fpc-tests in your home directory with a sub directory LCL, where you can find many test code examples to use, and test which elements are working, or not.


Q: I added a TMemo to my program now it does crash on MorphOS an/or Amiga. Whats wrong?

A: TMemo uses the Texteditor.mcc class as MUI implementation. Sorry I didn’t added a error handling for such case currently, because at AROS it’s installed by default.

Amiga Freepascal Release with LCL

Posted by ALB42 on 9. April 20164 Comments

I just waited for this fix to make a Release of Freepascal 3.1.1 for m68k-amiga with the new Lazarus component Library. Of course its still early alpha state but it is somewhat usable.
Check FPC Amiga Page for the download.
Of course this archive does work on m68k AROS also. (It does not include FPGui for now)
Be warned: LCL is still is very early alpha stage, so expect crashes. It aims on fast RTG Amigas or even better RTG-UAE, but some simple programs also work on AGA/ECS Screens.
Notice: you need at least 180 MB of free RAM to compile a LCL program

EdiSyn 0.54

Posted by ALB42 on 8. Mรคrz 2016One Comment

I did some tiny fixes in EdiSyn and some big changes in the LCL also have an influence to the editor. So it makes sense to release EdiSyn again.
Fixed Errors:

  • Some redrawing errors, multiple redrawing removed, so it should be faster now.
  • Default colors after introducing the new highlighter restored
  • Buttons of message windows fix, correct index of clicked button
  • green marker for Hints in Freepascal output
  • Basic printing (text only to PRT:)
  • Bugfix for menu in experimental Icaros


Download as always on the EdiSyn Page